Our many years of experience and industry experts allow us to offer you the best tax accounting practices.

Tax compliance services:

  • Tax planning and optimization;
  • Assessment of tax risks;
  • Analysis of possible use of special tax regimes (simplified tax system, High-Tech Park, Free Economic Zone, etc.);
  • Arrangement of tax accounting, preparation of tax returns;
  • Tax compliance analysis;
  • Review of accuracy of tax calculation (VAT, income tax, excise tax, etc.);
  • Developing recommendations on use of double taxation treaties;
  • Analysis of terms and conditions and preparation of recommendations in respect of foreign transactions, including in the territory of the Customs Union and CIS;
  • Assessment of impact and risks related to forthcoming transactions;
  • Developing of an effective business model with regard to presented privileges;
  • Developing of industry-based instructions and internal local regulations.
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