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Tax compliance

Timely tax compliance will help you to avoid tax risks. Our experience of many years and availability of industry experts will allow to offer you the best tax practices.

Tax compliance services:

- tax planning;
- tax optimization;
- assessment of tax risk;
- analysis of the possibility to apply special taxation regimes (Simplified Tax System, HTP, FEZ and others);
- organization of tax accounting, compilation of a tax return;
- analysis of tax compliance;
- tax audit;
- checking the correctness of the calculation of taxes (VAT, tax on profit, excise taxes and other);
- development of recommendations on the application of treaties for avoidance of double taxation;
- study of conditions and preparation of recommendations for the conclusion of foreign economic transactions, including on the territory of the Customs Union and the CIS;
- transfer pricing;
- assessment of the consequences and degree of risk for future transactions
- development of an effective business model, taking into account the benefits provided to the company;
- development of industry instructions and internal local acts

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