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Tax accounting

Under changing tax environment and requirements of the tax authorities to maintenance of tax accounting and preparation of tax reporting it becomes more and more difficult for accountants to timely and correctly respond to such changes.


Both foreign and local companies carrying out activities in the Republic of Belarus focus on importance of compliance with the tax legislation, correctness of tax accounting as well as timely submission of reporting to the tax authorities.

Transfer of tax accounting to outsourcing allows to strengthen control while maintenance of tax accounting as well as to reduce risks.

Tax reporting professionally prepared and timely submitted to the state authority attests maximum responsibility and transparency of your business.

Service package on tax accounting includes:

  • Organization and maintenance of tax accounting;
  • Optimization of taxation within the limits of legislation;
  • Calculation of taxes;
  • Preparation of monthly/quarter/annual tax declarations on income tax, VAT, real estate tax, ecological tax, other taxes in accordance with the legislation;
  • Submission of reports to tax authorities;
  • Tax planning;
  • Evaluation of tax risks;
  • Consultations on taxes;
  • Support of request into specialized state authorities, support of tax inspections.

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