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Services for HTP residents

Are you already the HTP resident? Our experience will help you.

Starting your work as the HTP resident you face the range of important tasks that require professional solutions. We specialize in audit, consulting, and bookkeeping outsourcing services for IT-companies.

Our experts will assist in meeting all the requirements of the legislation, support you in solving difficult issues in the sphere of bookkeeping and tax, in preparation of international financing reporting statements (IFRS).

Why Grant Thornton?

We speak the same financial language with international partners – one out of three clients of Grant Thornton International network carries out international operations receiving access to the experts and business support in 136 countries of the world including in USA, Israel, Great Britain, Germany and Russia. 

We provide services to international clients regardless geographical location of business by maintaining accounting and financial accounting both on local standards and international financial reporting standards. You receive customized solutions and approach to service provision.

Bookkeeping outsourcing

  • Maintenance of bookkeeping;
  • Control over fulfilment of business project indicators;
  • Preparation of financial statements under IFRS;
  • Preparation of tax declarations.

Audit and consulting services

  • Audit of accounting statements;
  • Audit of financial statements in accordance with IFRS;
  • Consultations on bookkeeping and taxes (application of special tax treatment by HTP residents).

Management accounting

  • Preparation of package of management accounting for the period (month/quarter/year);
  • Development of forms of management accounting;
  • Development and implementation of management accounting system;
  • Analysis of effectiveness of the current management accounting system.

By providing package of services we help dynamic companies focus on promotion of their business.

We share your value today so that you can prosper tomorrow!

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