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Salary calculation

One of the most demanded service package is maintenance of salary and salary related taxes.

Transferring salary calculation to outsourcing you retain confidentiality of information related to salary among the company’s employees; decrease administrative expenses related to maintenance of accounting department and to payment of 34 per cent to Social Protection Fund from salary of the accountants.

Full automation of salary calculation segment.

We organize the entire process of maintenance of salary calculation segment including salary related taxes as well as setting of software in 1C 8 allowing to consider changes in current legislation and adopt program in accordance with individual requirements of a customer (possibility to maintain salary calculation in our 1C software).

We accept salary segment, test data exchange between a client and our company (bank, other organizations if necessary). We also carry out other operations required for project management.

Accrual and payment of salary is made according to “four-eye” principle. Salary payment and salary accrual is carried out by different people.


Service package on salary calculation includes:

  • Salary, benefits, bonuses calculation (in BYN, in foreign exchange equivalent);
  • Preparation of pay slips, review of reserves;
  • Provision a client with pay slips separately on each employee;
  • Calculation of payroll fund taxes;
  • Preparation of calculation of vacation pay;
  • Preparation of sick lists;
  • Monitoring of vacations unused by employees;
  • Calculation of income tax;
  • Calculation and control over the amounts subject to withholding when paying salary;
  • Preparation of reports (sheets) related to salary calculation;
  • Preparation and submission of payment documents on taxes and levies related to salary accrual and payment to a client;
  • Preparation and submission of reports to Social Security Fund (forms: 4-фонд-квартал,
    ПУ-3-квартал, ПУ-1, ПУ-2);
  • Preparation and provision of reports to Belgosstrakh;
  • Preparation and submission of statistical reports to the corresponding statistical department;
  • Preparation and execution of income certificates upon a request of an employee for provision to whom it may concern;
  • Analysis of advance reports to control correctness of inclusion of corresponding amounts to the base for calculation of taxes paid due to the salary payment;
  • Concurrent consultations on current questions related to calculation of salary and taxation;
  • Responses on the questions of the employees of the company related to calculation of salary.

You can also make use of service package on personnel record-keeping

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