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Personnel record-keeping

Personnel record-keeping is one of the major business processes in a company which is the obligation of each employer in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

Transfer of personnel record-keeping to outsourcing allows you to avoid difficulties and reduce the risks related to monitoring of changes in the Labour Code, administer the document flow of the company as well as timely compile the reporting related to personnel record-keeping.  

Please pay attention! Only organizations with legal license can provide services on maintenance of personnel record-keeping in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

Service package on personnel record-keeping includes:

  • Maintenance of employment file registers, personnel order registers, as well as employment order registers;
  • Primary execution of register of movement of work record books and inserts from the date of commencement of personnel services;
  • Execution of employment contracts;
  • Execution of standard job descriptions;
  • Financial responsibility agreements;
  • Execution of employment files;
  • Execution of orders on personnel matters (hiring, dismissal, transfer, redeployment);
  • Filling in of work record books;
  • Personalized record-keeping (forms ПУ-1, ПУ-2);
  • Maintenance of military service registration;
  • Templates of primary documents under request;
  • Execution of annual leaves, social leaves.

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