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Bookkeeping and financial accounting

Effective bookkeeping and financial accounting are of special importance for the success of your company. Transfer of bookkeeping and financial function to outsourcing will allow you to focus on current business tasks and on strategy of business development.


Why Grant Thornton?

You receive customized solutions and system approach to bookkeeping services for business in Belarus regardless of your geographic location. International and local companies entrust us accounting and financial outsourcing relying upon our experience and international opportunities.

Being part of international network Grant Thornton International we maintain contacts with owners of business in Belarus and other countries of the world, providing reporting both according to local standards and international financial reporting standards.

We value your time. Integrated accounting services for your business is a full maintenance of bookkeeping from processing of primary accounting documents to submission of reporting to the state authorities which allows you to focus on current business tasks.


Service package includes the preparation of the following forms of statements and reports:

  • Balance sheet;
  • Statement of profit and loss;
  • Statement of changes in equity;
  • Statement of cash flows;
  • Statement of intended use of funds received (if necessary);
  • Notes to the accounting statements;
  • Tax declarations on value-added tax and others;
  • Tax declarations on income tax (for foreign representative offices);
  • Reports to the Social Protection Fund;
  • Reports to Belgosstrakh;
  • Statistical reports;
  • Tax declarations on real estate tax;
  • Tax declarations on ecological tax and others;
  • Tax declarations on land tax;
  • Tax declarations on excise duties;
  • Ledger of income and expenditure when Simplified Tax System is applied;
  • Tax declaration when Simplified Tax System is applied.

We will also provide services in the following spheres:

 Financial accounting

  • Organization and maintenance of financial accounting in accordance with IFRS;
  • Restatement of accounting statements into statements in accordance with IFRS;
  • Preparation of packages of group international statements.

 Management accounting

  • Preparation of the package of management statements for month/quarter/year;
  • Development of forms of management accounting;
  • Development and introduction of management accounting system;
  • Analysis of effectiveness of the current management accounting system;
  • Automation of current management accounting system;
  • Consultations on development of management accounting system.   

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