Are you planning to open and run business in Belarus? We offer a complex package of services for business registration under one stop shop principle.

A complex package of services “Start your business with Grant Thornton” is a ready-made business solution which includes a full range of services from legal advice on selecting the company's organizational structure to accounting organisation.


Why Grant Thornton?

We offer a solution that will save you time looking for several contractors and advisors when opening a business in Belarus and will allow you to order all required services in the same company.

A complex package of services includes:

Business registration  (advice, selection of the organizational structure, preparation of a complete set of documents for registration, formalization of the relationship between the founders, post-registration procedures);

Development of a business plan  (required at the owner’s initiative or when registering a company in areas with preferential taxation - FEZ; HTP; Chinese-Belarusian industrial Park “Great stone”);

Accounting outsourcing  (organisation and maintenance of accounting records, tax records, HR accounting  -  required for every company).

In addition, we provide legal, consulting and audit services at your request.




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