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Effective management accounting tool Business Clear

In the dynamic business environment, business owner needs to have modern tools for making management decisions without delay. We offer simple and effective management accounting tool: Business Clear, that allows to obtain reliable analytics in the convenient visual format for making management decisions.


Management accounting software Business Clear is the effective business analytics tool for small and medium enterprises made on the basis of Business Intelligence tools for collection, storage and data analysis allowing users to receive reliable analytics in the “one-window” format for quick management of the business processes of the Company.

With Business Clear, user receives flexible access to necessary management reporting without the help of IT specialists.

Why we need data visualisation?

Instead of receiving a great many reports and their analysis, the Head sees the key business indicators (Pulse of the Company) in a clear form on one screen with the possibility of detailing them by mouse click. Business clear – comprehensible vision of your business.

Why you need business analytics?

  1. To quickly receive information about the Company’s business-processes from any device;
  2. To timely make effective management decisions;
  3. To reduce risks during business-processes management.

Unique opportunity for business! Receive EBRD Grant for automation of management accounting. Repayment up to 60% from the cost of the Project!

Would you like to receive NON-REPAYABLE financial assistance for implementation of Business Clear? We will help!

Grant Thornton is the accredited consultant to European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) on the small and medium enterprises support program. EBRD together with their commercial partners finances small and medium enterprises by providing non-repayable Grants. The Grant is up to 60% of the net cost of the project, but the final amount does not exceed Euro 10,000.

What enterprises can receive EBRD financing?

  • Size of the enterprise: annual turnover is up to Euro 50 million or total assets up to Euro 43 million;
  • Staff number: up to 250 people;
  • Ownership: enterprises that belong to local owners (individuals or legal entities);
  • Enterprise’s history: more than 2 years;
  • Sectors: almost all sectors of economy except for financial institutions, military-industrial complex enterprises, tobacco manufacturers, gambling;
  • Reputation: enterprises with a high degree of reputation reliability. An enterprise should not have judicial hearings in past or current litigations that may affect the implementation of the project being carried out with the participation of the EBRD.

How can you receive EBRD Grant?

  • You apply to the Belarusian office of EBRD with the request and the package of documents.
  • EBRD team selects proper local Consultant for you (you may suggest you Consultant).
  • You sign Grant agreement.
  • The Consultant performs their work on the project under the EBRD supervision and you receive the Grant.
  • In a year EBRD analyses the project result and the progress of the enterprise.

The story of the success of the enterprise that received consultations from EBRD  link

Application form for participation in EBRD Program Consultations for small enterprises in Belarus link

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