• Due diligence

When planning acquisition of business as well as when implementing the merger (acquisition) you will need to have Due diligence procedure.

Lack of procedure of Due diligence may cause bad financial results after change of owner, as well as may cause legal claims, tax and financial examinations and other even more unpleasant consequences.

The aim of the procedure Due diligence is to avoid or minimize existing business risks (economical, legal, tax, political, marketing risks).

Grant Thornton LLC provides a range of professional services aimed at task solutions that require professional attitude while acquiring of business as well as while implementing mergers (acquisitions):

  • independent assessment of investment object (Due diligence);
  • business risk assessment;
  • analysis of the compliance of assets and liabilities reported in the statements with actually available;
  • analysis of the structure of profit and loss (including price policy and cost);
  • analysis of tax liabilities, financial and commercial risks.