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Tax Audit

Systematic tax audit allows companies to evaluate their own tax accounting system, timely identify and minimize possible tax risks.


Tax audit includes conducting the audit of tax obligations, the audit tax risks, the review of tax returns, the review of the correctness of calculation and timeliness of transfer of taxes and non-tax payments to the budget and extra-budgetary funds.

Tax audit will allow you to:

- verify the correctness of tax accounting as well as the correctness of preparation of tax returns;
- be assured in the correctness of the formation of the taxable base for each type of tax;
- ensure the correctness of calculation and timely transfer of taxes to the budget and extra-budgetary funds;
- identify issues related to transfer pricing and the possible impact of transfer transactions on income tax;
- timely identify tax risks in order to minimize them;
- ensure the completeness of the application of possible benefits in accordance with the legislation and business activities of your organization;
- avoid potential penalties for violating tax legislation, minimize the possibility of overpayments.

Tax audit issues:

- VAT;
- income tax;
- profit tax (including calculation by foreign organizations operating in the Republic of Belarus through a Representative office);
- property tax;
- land tax;
- transfer pricing;
- environmental tax;
- excise taxes;
- customs payments;
- the correctness of application of special tax regimes (Simplified Tax System by residents of the HTP, of the FEZ, of the China-Belarus industrial park "Great Stone");
- other issues related to taxation.

Related audit services:

- tax consultations.

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