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Gas and refinery industry


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Steadiness and development

In constantly changing economic environment despite of uncertainty of world economy forecast, petrochemical industry is one of the key industries of the economy of the Republic of Belarus.

New challenges encourage modern manufactures to be innovative and high technology and to comply with world standards. Changes and updating of technology allows manufactures to continuously increase the quality of products manufactured.

Why Grant Thornton?

Over the number of years, we have deeply studied sector-specific issues and use our knowledge to solve comprehensive tasks that we face. Many our specialists have long-term experience of work with organisations of petrochemical industry.

Using our knowledge and experience we are ready to offer you solutions of problems that are important for you today. We will exert every effort to ensure that the opinion of our specialist was useful for you.

With support of our consulting experts we are ready to offer you comprehensive solutions of tasks you are facing. We are ready to share our experience with you so that you can use it while making decisions.

We will work together to improve business processes and bring you practical usefulness. 

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